Ghostbastards Ecto-6

Immediately when I saw the Hot Wheels Ecto-1, I knew I had to customize one. Soon I saw images of other customizers doing exact reproductions of the Ecto-1 and those were better then anything I could ever do. So I turned my ideas around and build an Ecto only as I can.
The Ghostbastards are the evil twins of the busters and drive in style with the Ecto-6.

Painted interior, steelie wheels, rust and dirt, antenna’s, weapons, one skullfaced crewmember and a grill with a steak on the inside. Ow, and a new logo. To finish it all off I turned an old plastic building into their headquarters.

But wait! There is more! My friends at Het Videogilde made a nasty remix of the theme and a video to go with it!

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